Stump removals and grinding in Johannesburg

Whenever you cut down a tree there is normally a stump to content with. Such a stump is not only an inconvenience on your compound but also a waste of space that could be used for something else. Having been in operation for a long time, our stump removal in Johannesburg team has all it takes to offer efficient and reliable services to all your stump issues.

Stump removal aids in driving away pest such as termites and also provides ample space for landscaping. We use high-tech tools to cut the stumps closest to the ground while ensuring that it does not leave behind a slope or embankment. Afterwards, we clean all the wood chips from the location leaving your compound in a good state for your landscaping needs.

Stump Removals JohannesburgWe have a good reputation among our clients and our services are 100% insured so you do not have to worry about us being on your property. This has enabled our client base to grow and our services to spread across both residential and commercial areas. Our stump removal services in Johannesburg also includes root removal, boles excavation and destumping. Call us today for a free quotation: 010 500 4237


Get Rid of Unwanted Stumps with our Stump Grinding services in Johannesburg

We are a qualified team of professionals providing expert stump grinding services in Johannesburg. Our staff qualified to perform every stump grinding techniques and they are always ready and willing to work with you in order to achieve your desired solution. Our clients always rank first hence we always strive to meet your needs and desires within the required time-frame.


Of all the many stump grinding services Johannesburg has, we pride ourselves in being the best service in terms of the tools implemented and meeting the clients’ needs. With stump grinding the tree stump will no longer be visible and you can reuse the tree chips for mulch. We would love you to join our growing list of satisfied customers so that you can enjoy the best yet most affordable services that you can find in the Joburg and Gauteng region.

Our stump grinders are eco-friendly and can be easily adjusted to cut stumps at your desired level. We do not require trucks moving in your compound during this operation hence your yard will not be trenched. In addition, the machines we use are portable and can fit in narrow places. Therefore, if you need a stump grinding service that improves the appearance of your lawn then contact our fully licensed tree care service.

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