Although they are struggling to survive in the cities due to pollution and the ongoing developments, trees are very important to the urban centres. As a matter of fact, the significant number of trees that are being cut today will have a huge impact on the environment.

As the tree cover in urban areas reduces at an alarming rate, their ability to filter out pollution reduces too. Crowns of large trees help in interception of rain water that might end up clogging the aging drainage systems in the cities. They also provide shade, which helps to stop asphalt from reflecting the sun’s heat and create what is popularly referred to as the heat islands.

Most urban regions have their beginning as industrial centres that featured one or a number of heavy industries. Given that they release a lot of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere, only trees can help in regulating this amount.

They also help reduce the strength at which wind meets buildings and other structures hence help in making them durable. Without trees, the cities will suffer and the enormous amount of pollution in urban centres would be disastrous.

More information about advantages of urban forestry can be found here. As professional tree feller our business does not simply involve the reduction of trees. Where possible we look to save them and in the instance of removal we makes efforts to ensure they are replaced. If you’d like to consult with us, please call us on 010 500 4237.

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